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Do you desire change but don’t know where to begin? For those of us with alternative approaches to lifestyle, relationship, or spirituality, it can be hard to find a good therapeutic fit.

Experience transformative healing and growth; step into your power with Inner Alchemy.

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Embracing Diversity

Supporting Change

I currently offer distance psychotherapy and counselling services via telephone or secure video. In addition to treating the general population, I proudly support the LGBTQI+ community, those with alternative lifestyles, and women dealing with pregnancy or post-partum related stress.

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Healing Trauma

A Trauma-Informed Approach

Trauma history presents itself to many of us in various shapes and forms, and can have a strong effect on our beliefs and values systems.
Whatever it is that troubles you, we can unpack your trauma and collaboratively create a plan for healing that works for you.

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Individual Psychotherapy
Learn to cultivate and advocate for positive change. Currently offering sessions by phone and secure video.
Embracing Diversity
IAP supports adults and teens, as well as those from diverse communities, in deep healing and transformation.
Healing Past Trauma
Healing from trauma can be a deeply transformative and rewarding process.
How I Can Help

Justine Haney, MA
Registered Psychotherapist
Certified Canadian Counsellor

Inner alchemy is the process of deconstructing, reconstructing, and refining who we are psychologically, emotionally, and often spiritually. The result is undeniable change that will leave you feeling happier, more hopeful, and more enthusiastic and motivated about the present, as well as your future.

Life often presents us with challenging situations that can make it difficult for us to cope, which may result in anxiety, depression, grief, and stress. I can help you address these issues, along with difficult life transitions, gender and sexuality queries, relationship issues, past trauma and matters of self-exploration and discovery.

Inner alchemy is the process of deconstructing, reconstructing, and refining who we are.

I am here to “meet you where you are at,” and with your help, collaboratively design a therapeutic path to help address the concerns that you bring to therapy. We will take the time you need to develop a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship that can act as a container where you can vent, grow, and explore your inner world.

I will highlight your strengths and offer alternative perspectives rooted in theory and research-based treatment methods. Together we will rewrite your story and uncover the strength you need to become the you you have always wanted to be.

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One Step Closer to Change

How Does it Work?

When you are in a place where you are considering therapy, there is likely a lot going on already. The process of beginning therapy is streamlined to make it easy and convenient for you.

Sessions are offered by secure video and telephone, so you never have to leave the comfort of your home.

Step 1:

Schedule your Free Consultation

If you are uncertain therapy is for you, consider booking a free consultation to give it a whirl. Please click the Online Booking button below to schedule a free 20-minute phone or video consultation, or jump right in and book a full session.

*If you would like a full session ASAP, there is a link to add yourself to the waitlist in the lower left corner of the online booking calendar window.*

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Step 2:

We discuss and create a plan

Our first session is where we will create a space for you to share and for me to get to know you, since you are the expert on your life. Together we will collaborate and begin to develop a plan that inspires you using therapeutic techniques and modalities proven to help you heal, grow, and discover.

You May Be Wondering...

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s normal to have questions when you are considering therapy, especially if you have never been. Here are some frequently asked questions:

How do I know when it is time to get support?

People seek out therapy for many different reasons and it is always beneficial. One reason for seeking therapy is feeling as though you are having difficulty functioning in your day-to-day life, or perhaps you have difficulty experiencing joy or calm, or maybe you want to heal past wounds. Whatever the issue, if you feel as though you would benefit from seeking therapy, book your free consultation now.

How long does therapy last?

I offer one, one and a half, and two hour session lengths for individual sessions. The length of each session is up to you, although for more severe issues I sometimes will recommend a few longer or more frequent sessions at the beginning of the therapeutic process. Please note that your free consultation is one hour in length.

The length of the entire process altogether varies depending on the client’s preference and what the presenting issues are. Therapy is customized to each client’s particular needs, and the length of the whole process is something we can openly discuss at the beginning, though things often change during the process itself. You are free to end therapy at any time.

Can you prescribe medication for me?

Registered psychotherapists are not able to provide prescriptions for medication, however, I am happy to speak with you about why you feel as though you might want to consider medication. Some clients may choose to discuss this option with me and their doctor. Whether you choose to pursue this route or not, seeking counselling or therapy during this time will be beneficial.

Will the cost of my therapy be covered?

The cost of your therapy will not be covered by OHIP. In some cases, third party coverage may cover the cost of your therapy; please be sure to inquire directly with your insurance or benefits provider regarding whether or not they will cover treatment by a registered psychotherapist. Relevant third parties may include:

  • Extended Health Care Benefits
  • Legal Representative
  • Legal Aid

You can submit your payment receipt for reimbursement through your third party benefits or coverage, or to claim as a medical expense on your income tax.

I noticed you are very busy; is there a waitlist I can add myself onto?

Inner Alchemy does have a waitlist where clients can indicate days of the week and respective times, and if a cancellation arises matching the indicated days/times the client will be booked into the available slot. Clients can add themselves onto the waitlist using the link in the lower left corner of the client portal booking page. To be waitlisted for in-person sessions, please contact me directly.

What can I expect in a therapy session?

In our early sessions we will spend a lot of time getting to know each other. If you are unsure of where to start I will ask you some questions about what brings you to therapy and what you are hoping to get out of it. Together we will explore strategies and tools to help you meet your therapy goals. Over time we will revisit your therapy goals to see if they have changed, and to make sure we are still heading in a direction that is working for you.

Growing up during the boom of the internet, I am accustomed to and very comfortable using many online methods of communication. Soon you will feel like you are speaking with someone you’ve known for years.

Alternatives include: meeting by video but doing an activity together on each end to take the edge off (e.g. colouring), or talking on the phone. I also offer in-person services once a week in downtown Peterborough.

Do you offer therapy for couples or families?

Currently I am only offering therapy for individual adults and teens. I enjoy working with teens, and have significant experience working with young people ages 16-30 and adults in their 60’s as well as younger to middle-aged adults.

How do you take payment?

Inner Alchemy Psychotherapy accepts payment via e-transfer and credit card.

What platform do you use to conduct online therapy?

Inner Alchemy Psychotherapy uses a secure practice management platform called Jane App that allows us to use its integrated video platform for video sessions, and you can even enter your credit card right into your account to make billing easy. For phone sessions, Inner Alchemy uses an encrypted VOIP line to ensure that your personal health information is protected and secure. Using your account you can book and manage your appointments online yourself if that is your preference.

Do you offer in-person sessions?

A limited amount of in-person client spots exist for clients local to the Peterborough area. Please contact me directly to inquire about in-person availability. In-person sessions cannot be booked online.

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Are you feeling lost, hopeless, or like you want things to change but don’t know where to begin? Take another step closer to the you you have always wanted to be. Experience change with Inner Alchemy Psychotherapy.

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